Bali: Instagram Influencers Make A Prank Video; Faced Severe Backlash For Painting Mask To Enter A Grocery Supermart

Two famous Instagram influencers, Paler Lin and Leia Se made a video in a supermarket in Bali, Indonesia that went viral on social media. This video was of one painting a blue surgical mask on the other. What started as a prank and for entertainment for the views quickly turned into a possibility of deportation for the two.

Famous influencer duo crossed the security

The security at the supermarket forbade their entry inside as one of them was not wearing a mask, and that was against the rules owing to the covid spread. They returned to their car and then got an idea to paint a mask using makeup and colors, just to deceive it as a mask and enter back into the supermarket.

Video went viral; bashing as a result

They managed to get inside the supermarket, and a few visitors keenly noticed the makeup, that looked like a mask, and asked questions too. The video did go viral, and that did not land up in a sweet spot for these influencers

Niluh Djelantik, a Balinese designer and politician in Bali went ahead to re-post the video wanting to call them out for their prank that could have put others in the supermarket at risk. Upon the series of anger and backlash, the two also reportedly changed their account set to private.

Police officials and tourism department of Bali also displayed their disregard on social media, asking a strict regulation and punishment must be enforced on them for this.

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