Rare All-White Baby Dolphin Seen In Florida

The world is full of wonders, and time and again the internet surfaces with videos and clips that many can watch, and learn about, no matter where they occur.

One such video of an all-white baby dolphin has attracted eyeballs, an adult, and two dolphins found swimming in the river along the coast of Florida. One of these baby dolphins has an unusual white skin color. This white baby dolphin is pigmented perhaps due to albinism, which is a complete discoloration in mammals. This is rare as it occurs to one in 10,000.

The post became popular on Instagram

Caitlin Mickey, a woman noticed the baby dolphin and was quick to share an image on her Instagram handle, where she expresses her surprise on spotting this rare beauty. She spoke to news channels stating that she has seen many dolphins, but watching an all-white was her first time.

More about white dolphins

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), an organization that lays focus on oceans, waterways, and the atmosphere too shared that very little is known about these dolphins, and noticed a deformity in its back caudal fin, but that did not create trouble swimming for the dolphin.

Further sharing an important piece of information, this genetic disorder causing discoloration in mammals like dolphins are similar to those of humans. Albino, a gene that comes from the dinosaur era, affects animals, and these genes are mostly inherited from both parents, but in some cases, it could be one parent as well.

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