Izhevsk, Russia:  Two Women Escape Death After A Balcony Collapses At Them

Life can be completely unpredictable and situations not thought of can occur in a matter of seconds. An incident similar took place in the city of Izhevsk with two women, who managed to escape safely when a part of the balcony from an apartment came crashing down.

Women managed a narrow escape

As unexpected as it could be, these two women were entering the building, and suddenly the shield of the balcony came right on them. They were swift to have quickly rushed back down and were saved by just those few seconds. The spot where they stood was completely filled with the broken bit of the balcony that could have severely injured, or even kill these women.

They managed to escape this deadly situation with scratches and bruises, but one of them hurt her ankle as a large part of the broken slab hit her while she in motion, and that caused an injury.

The Incident created a divide in views

Upon the incident being reported, the people hearing about it were quick to their judgment. The Chairman of the Councils of Houses stated it is the owner and not the management that must be blamed for the recklessness. On this particular incident, the management must bring the issue to the owner, and get them to fix the balcony.

Unfortunately, such incidents have come to light in the past too where a man witnessed a concrete slab falling while he was cleaning his car. A woman died upon a similar crash incident.

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