Florida Woman On A Cycling Expedition Faces A Scary Encounter With Two Alligators  

Hiking adventures in the forest and the wilderness is a fun activity but it comes with its fair share of sudden encounters with animals that might be on the lookout for prey, or difficult paths that makes cycling a tough expedition. A woman in Florida came across one such dangerous encounter, an experience that was definitely scary to the bones.

Brenda Stelzer was on a cycling experience at the Bird Rookery Swamp Sanctuary in Naples, and to her shock, she saw two black alligators right in front of her. Thankfully, these alligators did not cause any harm, and she caught the moment on her phone, as she was casually filming her experience.

Brenda handled it with calm

Brenda Stelzer, the woman who faced this encounter spoke to a local news channel saying that while she was scared, she did not panic. She feels that her panic or sudden movement might have alerted the alligators, and rather caused a worse situation. However, the video led to many users who advised her in a different direction.

Video did attract many views

The video after it went up on social media; it stirred a few thought and saw users commenting quite differently. Some were petrified and some even were not sure as to why Stelzer was still standing after spotting the dangerous creatures.

Alligators are however commonly found and spotted in the coastal areas of Florida, and videos and clips have surfaced when people had encounters with alligators, a woman has recently seen petting alligators in a video, that went viral on Instagram.

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