Curious Giraffe Stops Mountain Biker And Sniffs Him; Video Gets Millions Of Views

Animals are rather amazing creatures and time and again we hear incidents that are new, amazing, and kind of hard to imagine.

A similar video of a mountain bikers’ encounter with a giraffe, which was in the way for an hour, and later sniffed him for perhaps some general investigation. In the video, Timmy Moser and his girlfriend were mountain biking at the Lion and Safari Park and came across a herd of 7 giraffes on the journey.

One giraffe would not move

Two hours into the ride, they were stopped by the herd, and they spent an hour watching the giraffes and patiently waiting for them to pass by so that they could move ahead. To their surprise, one giraffe did not move away, and rather came closer to Timmy and started sniffing him. He was shocked and scared at first, but this giraffe only meant to do some harmless sniffing.

The duo even tried to walk around the giraffe to befriend him, and o see if he moves back allowing them to go ahead. But, he instead chose to bent down gently and sniffle, for a reason that none could understand!

The video garnered millions of views

The mountain biker later took to TikTok and Instagram and it has garnered 10 million views, and more so because Earthprix, an extremely well-known travel, and wildlife channel re-shared this video. Later, the park staff came ahead to identify the sniffing giraffe as Prudy and told that he is an extremely friendly giraffe and is often seen greeting and loved by many park visitors.

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