Bizarre News Took To The Internet’s Attention- About A 1000 Birds Found Trapped In A Home Chimney In California

Each is rather different for the rescue and fire servicemen for anything can come their way. A similar incident was reported where The Montecito Fire Department narrated a rather weird incident on social media. The chimney of a California home had about a thousand birds found stuck in it. They were unable to escape or fly out and were completely trapped.

A tough rescue mission indeed

The fire department reached on the spot immediately and tried their best ways to free the birds, and thought that they would fly out overnight. But to their surprise, the birds were trapped until morning.

The fire department later joined hands with the Santa Barbara County Animals Services and spent the entire day designing a funnel system that would start from the fireplace to the back door of the home, through which the birds could come out easily. They finally succeeded in building the system, and the birds could be freed, without any trouble or causing any of them to pass away in suffocation.

The post attracted many views

The posts attracted a huge number of views, likes and were also shared by multiple users. The department also received a lot of appreciation and gratitude for having saved the birds, which were identified as swifts. While the reason for them trapped in the chimney is unknown, these birds do look for warmer places to roost, and perhaps could have chosen the chimney.

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