A Robber Demanded Chicken Nuggets At While Robbing At Mcdonald’s; Had To Make Do With A Mcmuffin Instead

A thief set into a McDonald’s outlet in Southwest England and while he was at this audacious activity of robbery, he demanded that the restaurant manager gave him some of their off the menu favorite- chicken nuggets.

Upon hearing this, the astonished manager rather offered him a McMuffin and some cash, as the nuggets that are part of the lunch menu, were far from preparation for the day. 

The video goes viral on the Internet

A video of Rudin Batten, a 22-year-old who came in with a fake gun, and scared the manager to walk him to the safe, and open it so that he could rob the cash. The scared manager pulled out a bag of coins, and cash and handed it over to Rudin. This is when he made an unusual demand for chicken nuggets, and to his disappointment, as it was only 7am, he had to manage with a McMuffin instead.

Users draw inspiration from an old movie

The video went viral on social media channels and left most cracked up on the incident. Some user also pointed out the video to resemble a scene from the movie ‘Falling Down; where the character Douglas is seen in a similar setup where he robs a restaurant at 11:30 in the night, and in response, he was asked to order from the lunch menu, as breakfast dishes were over. He then pulls out a gun to tell the staffer that he must listen to a customer, as they are always right!




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