100 Year Old, Rare Female Fish Species Found In Michigan; Image Goes Viral

A 100-year old real-life river monster was found in the Detroit River in the United States last week. This unique fish species weighs slightly above 90kgs and is 6 feet 10 inches long. The girth being four feet, this creature’s image surfaced on Facebook and was posted by the Alpena Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office.

Also being referred to as the real-life river monster has broken the Internet and the image has gone viral, and rightly for the fact that the fish perhaps has been swimming in the waters for over 100 years!

Female rare fish species

According to the weight and girth size, it is assumed that it is a female fish, and likely that she must have taken birth in the river itself in 1920, 100 years back from now. The wildlife service organization also shared an image of an office close to the fish. Upon its discovery and collecting evidence, it was released back into the water immediately.

Post went viral

The Facebook post resulted in a storm of likes, shares and comments on it. Many people took to platforms to share their amazement and some even shared facts that they have heard about the fish species in the past. Empathetic users also shared a sentiment that for a species that has survived for son long, they should be left just at it, so that they can truly enjoy their existence in peace. The post has already been shared 47,000 and the number continues to increase.

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